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Wedding day getting ready photos at Emerald Hills in Promise City, Iowa

5 Things Not to Forget on Your Wedding Day

After you’ve spent months planning your wedding day, and you’ve finally crossed the last big task off of your list, it’s easy to forget the little details when the day finally arrives. When you’re packing your own bag, there are a few things you definitely don’t want to leave behind. I’ve attended a lot of weddings, and these are the 5 things that most couples tend to forget on their wedding day: 


As a photographer, it’s my job to capture every little detail of your wedding day, so it’s important to remember to bring those details with you! A lot of couples are so (understandably) wrapped up in the moment, that they forget to grab things like their invitation suite, an appropriate dress hanger, or any family heirloom jewelry. Other details include your shoes, your rings (please, please don’t forget the rings!), tie clips, cufflinks, loose blooms from your florist, boutonnieres etc. To you, and to me, these little details are just as important as your wedding reception décor, and I want to make sure that we can capture all of it.

Food and water 

Yes, your wedding day is probably going to be one of the best days of your life, but it’s also going to be one of the longest days of your life. For some couples, there is a lot of time between events, so make sure you pack food and water to hold you over until dinner. Since you don’t want to walk into your reception with chocolate on your dress or suit, it’s probably best if these are mess-free snacks and clear liquids, especially if you’re taking a bus or a limo between the ceremony and reception. 

Just in case kit 

Ideally, nothing will go wrong on your wedding day, but it’s always good to be prepared for anything just in case! Pack a small emergency kit, or have a bridesmaid do it for you, with a stain stick, a small sewing kit, double sided tape, band-aids, Ibuprofen, Pepto tablets, dental floss, and tissues. That way, you’ll be ready for anything from spills and rips to a nervous stomach. 

Contact information and tips for your vendors 

Again, hopefully you don’t have to do damage control on your wedding day, but it’s always helpful to have your vendors contact information on hand if they’re running late, or if something that’s delivered is incorrect. If this does happen on your wedding day, I would highly recommend passing the task off to a parent, friend, or your wedding planner. You’ll also want to have envelopes with tips for your caterers, DJ, and any other vendors. Stash the envelopes in your bag or give them to a trustworthy person to distribute at the end of the night. 

Speeches and vows

If you’ve written your own vows, or if you plan on giving a speech during your reception, don’t forget to pack multiple copies. Trust me, you do not want that level of panic on your wedding day. Keep a copy on your person, in a bag, on your phone, and with a friend. Things happen and you can’t be too careful! 

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that your wedding day is all about the two of you and your loved ones. No matter what goes wrong, it’s going to be an amazing day. Life is messy and nothing is perfect. Sometimes, the tiny tragedies and wedding mishaps end up to be your favorite wedding day stories!

Wedding day getting ready photos at Emerald Hills in Promise City, Iowa with blush and neutral florals
Wedding day getting ready photos at Emerald Hills in Promise City, Iowa
Wedding day getting ready photos at Emerald Hills in Promise City, Iowa